Keep Tools Dry and Rust Free With Charcoal

Tools can collect moisture and start to rust when they are sitting in places like a tool box. A tool that has not been used in a while can start to rust if moisture is allowed to accumulate on the tool. Any container that is closed will allow some moisture to get inside and if a metal object like a tool is in the container, then you may need to worry about rust forming on the metal. You can prevent rust from forming on your tools that are in storage by placing some charcoal in the container.

A piece of charcoal will absorb a lot of water. A few pieces of coal stored along with your metal tools can help keep the tools from oxidizing and forming rust. Depending on the size of the container that the tools are stored in will depend on how much charcoal you will need to put in the container. A small tool box may do just fine with one piece of coal in it. A larger tool box may need a few more pieces of coal added to the tool box.

If you are worried about your tools getting some coal dust on them, you can wrap the coal in an old sock or nylon first. Just put a few pieces of coal in the toe of the sock or nylon and tie the end into a knot, so the coal does not fall out. Then place the coal in the tool box and shut the box.

It is a good idea to have a piece of coal on each shelf or drawer of the tool box so that the air on that shelf or drawer can get to the coal easy. The more drawers and shelves you have in your tool box, the more pieces of coal you will need to keep the moisture off of your tools.

Every month or two you can change your coal so that you have fresh coal keeping the moisture off of your tools. You can use the coal that you take from the tool box and use it for your next cookout. The coal is not only good for keeping the moisture off of the tools; it is also a natural deodorizer. The coal in your tool box will keep your tool box smelling fresh.

Coal is inexpensive and easy to use as moisture absorbent. You can buy a bag of coal, and it will last you a long time.